Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OK it took me a while to get these pictures up but here they are. This was my project for about a 1 week and a half. At times very stressful at times very relaxing.
This is the table before we did anything to it.
The very old fashion chair.
And the nasty spray on grain that i am told used to be very popular.

Our cute puppy Chloe enjoying all of the fun.
The amazing husband who looked over fabric samples and paint choices till he was so ready to never ever paint again.

And the finished chair next to the old one.WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

And the finished table complete with green and brown paisley print.

Not bad for my first DIY project. RIGHT???

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ok so i know i am very bad at this...but i am going to try my hardest.

And i have a new project. We recently got a new kitchen table from my grandparents. And i decided to paint the table and chairs and recover the seats with a new fabric. So far i have one chair done and one leaf of the table done. But my goal is to have it done by the time we have people over for Bens birthday day. Meaning i have a little over a week. We will see what happens but that is my goal. Well pictures are already in the process and they will be posted to show my sister-in-laws that i can be just as creative and crafty as them!!!