Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ten things that made me happy this week....

Well its been about 2 weeks so it is time for Ten things that made me happy this week..(Maybe I'll do 20)

1 Celebrating Baby Boys first halloween
2 Seeing my little brother in the church musical
3 Planning how we will spend the weekend before my birthday.
4 Becoming addicted to Pinterest. (It so sucks you in. Great for nighttime feeding though)
5 Baby Boy beginning to talk so much more.
6 Hubby informing me he has friday off.
7 Hubby taking care of Baby Boy so that I could take a much needed nap.
8 Planning our weekend. Oakland and San Francisco!
9 Talking to my aunt for the past week everyday.
10 Halloween candy. ( we had 2 trick or treaters so lots left over)
11 Baby Boy beginning to splash in the tub!
12 Baby Boy finally fitting into my favorite outfit!
13 Getting a snickerdoodle from Sequoia.
14 Game night with the Florences.
15 Making a yummie stir fry for dinner.
16 Getting all caught up on Gossip Girl
17 Getting all caught up on the real housewives of New Jersey.
18 Planning out Christmas Gifts for our families.
19 It finally being cold outside! Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Mocha Creamer!!
20 Baby Boy sleeping through the night for the first time!

Ah wow that was easier then I thought! Well those are the little and big things that made me so happy the past 2 weeks. Now I have to go cause I got a Baby Boy waking up from his nap! Time for a feeding and my pinterst time!