Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

Lately it seems like they are everywhere! I swear women are either pregnant or just had a baby! Im told its because I am pregnant and just noticing. But really. I mean one of my sister in laws is pregnant and one of my dear friends is to. Our due dates are only 1 day apart.

Which leads me to the last news we got on our dear baby P. The due date seems to be a little off. It got changed to September 12th. Which gets me really confused because that is a whole month later then the last time I had the visitor. If thats all right I should have had the visitor in December but that didn't happen so...thats why I am confused. But either way it doesn't matter because I know this baby is going to come whenever it is good and ready! We should find out in the next couple weeks what we are having. And I am counting down the days!

We also got some news that in June we will be moving to Modesto. Ben will be the presence there in the office to make sure things run smoothly. So we have that to think about. I am nervous, excited, scared,happy and sad all at the same time. One plus is that we are only an hour and a half away from family on either side. Grandparents and aunt in Sac. And our family and friends in Fresno. Plus it will give us a chance to really depend on each other and become closer.

Things have been really hard the past couple months. But I know in my heart this is the Lords way of preparing us for what is to come!

OOOOO and my brother TIM got his mission call. He is going to Brazil!! And he leaves July 6th! We are all very excited!