Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disneyland/California Adventure For CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Is there any better way to spend the weeks before christmas then at the happiest place on earth! We had a blast. We headed down with our friends Becky and Matt Florence!!! And we all fit so well. We were joined by our friends Kevin Healy and Scott Green. And we took advantage of the time being there.

In front of the big christmas tree. Its so pretty all lit up!

So the last night we there we wanted to see fantasmic! But things didn't work out how they were suppose to.....but we did great seats. Behind reserved ropes none the less. And as we were sitting there a sweet family asked if we wanted there dessert tray because they weren't eating it. So needless to say we got some pretty great seats and a dessert tray all because of some sweet talking.

Uva bar and grill!!! Steamed mussels so good!!!
Its A Small World After All......not when you get stuck in on spot!
I married such a goof! But a tall goof!!!

Max!!! " I don't think Max was smiling!" Silly Kevin
Tower of Terror!!! Oh no!!!!

We are goofs! But we are perfect for each other!

So we went on splash mountain. And I got soaked!! Moral of the story NEVER sit in the front and NEVER go on splash mountain in the winter!
Haunted mansion!!! My favorite ride!!! Especially when its decorated like "Tim Burtons 'Nightmare before Christmas'"

Peter Pan!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!

All in all we had an amazing trip! And I cant wait to go back again!!!

SO my new years resolution is too update my blog at least once a week! Now lets all hope I can do it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!! Here we come 2011......