Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten things

1 starting a cookin blog!
2 sharing some of my favorite recipes with you all.
3 baby boy starting to laugh at peek-a-boo.
4 successfully weaning baby boy. (ouch mama)
5 doing yoga.
6 setting up a time for the Hunger Games!
7 discovering peanut butter chocolate bugles!
8 watching how excited baby boy gets when you give him baby food
9 French onion soup from panera!
10 watching design star! Y'all it is good!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cooking blog!

I personally love trying out new recipes! So I started a blog with some of my favorites! Some of the recipes with come from my family and others will come from pinterest!! Feel free to let me know if there is any recipe you want me to try or find for you!! Check it out a recipe for beef stroganoff in the crock pot!! Yummy!!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am a Mormon.

I believe firmly in the Prophet and all that he says I hold true. I have all my life and will continue until the day I die. I believe in the power of being sealed. I believe in the power of he priesthood. I believe in staying true to what you believe and not be swayed but the way of the world. I will not be still and bite my tongue. When my beliefs are under attack I will defend them but not be rude. I believe that marriage is between a man and woman. I believe that we should be allowed to speak out and be outraged when the things we have voted have overturned. Because though we are not the ones to be he judge we are the ones who will be affected in the end by this decision. I know many will be offended or upset by this but I will not let those who do not truly understand how I feel get me down. I have lost many friends over this and I feel that in the end I am doing what I need to do. I will not be still while I have this burning inside of me.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ten things...

1 Going to lunch with my Auntie!
2 Seeing my best friend!
3 Watching baby enjoy bath time!
4 Making a sure cute skirt!
5 Eating chinese food!
6 Baby boys first laugh!
7 Taking a nice long bath!
8 Baby boy sleeping 10 hours straight!
9 Snuggling my sweet baby.
10 Getting our family binder all put together.


Babys boys first christmas!!!!

And let me say he got spoiled! He has so many new toys to play with! Now we just gotta wait for him to get a little bigger!
Picture with our tree and his 2011 1st christmas ordament!Hanging out with mom on my tummy! HE loves crawling all over me!
Opening presents with Grandma and Grandpa Heredia
Fast asleep on uncle pickle!
Christmas Jammies!

So excited for christmas morning with Grandma and Grandpa Phillips!
Opening presents with Grandma and Grandpa Stewart!! And then playing with my new favorite toy!
And time for a nap! Because one can only take so much christmas at once!