Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh my heavens!!!

Its been over a month! Man time sure does fly! I will be better imaginary friends!!! I promise!

We had a great christmas.(I'll post pictures later this week when I am home)
Baby boy got completely spoiled! But thats what grandparents are for!

Ten things that made me happy this week:

1 Going on a date this weekend
2 Baby boy "helping" open his presents
3 Skyping with my brother on a mission.
4 Getting lots of food to stock our shelves with! (my new favorite tradition at christmas)
5 Ben being able to give Monkey a blessing.
6 Being with my family
7 Seeing Jesus and Jenny
8 Finding out I will have another cousin!
9 Getting a ham from HISC.
10 Having a extra snuggly monkey!

Well I am off to dream of being with Ben! Goodnight all! Hope you all had a great holiday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ten things that made me happy this week....

Well its been about 2 weeks so it is time for Ten things that made me happy this week..(Maybe I'll do 20)

1 Celebrating Baby Boys first halloween
2 Seeing my little brother in the church musical
3 Planning how we will spend the weekend before my birthday.
4 Becoming addicted to Pinterest. (It so sucks you in. Great for nighttime feeding though)
5 Baby Boy beginning to talk so much more.
6 Hubby informing me he has friday off.
7 Hubby taking care of Baby Boy so that I could take a much needed nap.
8 Planning our weekend. Oakland and San Francisco!
9 Talking to my aunt for the past week everyday.
10 Halloween candy. ( we had 2 trick or treaters so lots left over)
11 Baby Boy beginning to splash in the tub!
12 Baby Boy finally fitting into my favorite outfit!
13 Getting a snickerdoodle from Sequoia.
14 Game night with the Florences.
15 Making a yummie stir fry for dinner.
16 Getting all caught up on Gossip Girl
17 Getting all caught up on the real housewives of New Jersey.
18 Planning out Christmas Gifts for our families.
19 It finally being cold outside! Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Mocha Creamer!!
20 Baby Boy sleeping through the night for the first time!

Ah wow that was easier then I thought! Well those are the little and big things that made me so happy the past 2 weeks. Now I have to go cause I got a Baby Boy waking up from his nap! Time for a feeding and my pinterst time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ten things that made me happy this week....

1 Going on our first date since baby boy was born.
2 Finishing baby boys vinyl!! Isnt it cute?

3 Baby boy sleeping in his pack and play.

4 Celebrating our 2 year anniversary.
5 Decorating for Halloween.
6 Downloading a fabulous Halloween ringtone!!
7 Baby Boy getting blessed. (It was amazing!!!)
8 Planning a visit with my bestest Sarah!!
9 Planning a visit to Fresno.
10 Spending so much time with my cute little family!!

And some adorable pictures of my baby boy!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Boys Grand Entance

Hunter Benjamin Phillips made his grand appearance on August 30, 2011 at 8:58pm. He was 7 Lbs 15 oz and 19.5 inches long. And let me tell you it was a long day for all of us. And not an easy one either. With a Dr that said uh oh as he was doing my spinal. Followed by both doctors and nurses telling me to take deep breaths while running around frantic. Not exactly a great thing to watch while you are strapped down to a table, numb from the waist down unable to move. SO lets just say it was a scary experience. Baby boy was out in 2 mins after they started. his heart rate dropped because of the spinal. Hence that is why everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Ben hardly made it into the room before he was out. But he was gorgeous and perfect. And OURS! And Ben did GREAT! At one point he thought he was gonna lose it but he did great!!! And now for pictures all these were on my phone and I just now got them moved over. 6 weeks later.

Baby boys first picture!!!
Already all bright eyed,
Footprints taken!
Enjoying hanging onto daddys finger.
Cap on and eyes getting heavy.
Mom and Babys first picture together and first time mommy got to hold him.
And kiss him
Ah so high on drugs!
Skin to skin!
Slept on mommys chest the whole first night.

Our first self portrait.
Baby boys tag. He was such a good baby in the hospital! And still is!! I just cant believe he is mine and will be forever! And each and everyday I am grateful for all the discomfort, all the needles, all the kicks, hiccups, all the stomach pushing ( worst part of the whole c-section), and all the cries. Because it reminds me that I need to cherish each and everyday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ten things that made me happy this week

1 Getting to go for 2 nice walks with my hubbs!
2 Getting to go on a girly date with my bestest.
3 Going to Charming Charlie.
4 Ordering baby boys vinyl for his room.( Mama called the doctor and the doctor said.... No more Hunter's jumping on the bed) How cute!
5 Feeling the loving support of my hubbs.
6 Setting baby boys last picture as my backround.
7 watching a million episodes of Mystery Diagnosis! Love!
8 Getting a cherry limeaid from Sonic.
9 Getting to hear baby boy's heart beat! And that he is going to be a big healthy boy.
10 Practicing lullaby's I am going to sing to baby boy.

SO this week as I am sure most of know I found out baby boy is way to big for me to give birth to naturally. SO I will be having a c section in like 2 weeks. I will know the exact date and time on Friday or by Friday. And these past 2 days have been very hard. It is very sad to me that so many people had such negative things to say about me having a c section. This was in no way was an easy decision for me to make. I was crushed knowing that I could not do what my body was meant to do. But the spirit was with me at that appointment and helped me feel peace. And to know that I need to trust in what my doctor was telling me. This is in NO way how I planned on bringing my baby into the world. I have been mentally and emotional trying to prepare myself from the moment I found I was pregnant for giving birth naturally. But the spirit over and over reminds me that I am doing what is best for the health of me and baby boy. This is the safest route in my position. And really I have the support of my Hubbs and my parents and those who really care. It proves to me those who care based on the reactions I got. And all I have to say is if you have nothing supportive to say please keep your comments to yourself. I know my recovery will be hard, but I know the Lord is watching over me. I know it everytime I feel baby boy kick. Everytime I think of the next few weeks the spirit brings such peace rushing in. I know I could not be as ok as I am right now without my Heavenly Father.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BIG boy!!

SO today I went to an ultrasound. It was cool because they did mostly 3D. So I got to see his cute face and hair! Boy has a lot of hair already! Guess everyone was right about the heartburn thing! So atleast there is a reward for all the heartburn I have been going through!

Look at his hair and cute chubby cheeks!!

So at the ultrasound the tech said he weighs 7 Lbs 9 Oz! And that I am measuring 2 weeks early! SO we will see what happens. Apparently The Phillips family has big babies. So says my Sister-in-law!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So lots is going on!

Today at my doctors appointment I found out that I am effaced. Yay!! Not sure exactly how much but she said that I am getting close. Also when she was doing the measurement of my stomach she was surprised by how big I was measuring. She said I was measuring a lot bigger then I should be. So........on thursday I get to go in for an ultrasound. Which will make the wait a little easier. Any chance I get to see him is exciting. Lets just hope everything goes good, lets hope he is a good size and ready to be here soon!

So I also dyed my hair brown. I really like it. Its a bit dark but I enjoy having hair that is all one color again.

I have decided that with lots of emotional stress I have been going through I am going to do something one of my friends does on her blog. Every week usually on wednesday she does 10 things that made her happy the past week. SO I am going to start doing it! I think it will help me stay positive.

Ten things that made me happy this week:
1 Getting the rest of the main things we need for Hunter.
2 Getting an adorable sweater for $15. Did I mention that it originally cost $60?
3 Finding out I get to see my baby boy this week.
4 Getting skillet queso at Chillis.
5 Getting a frosty!
6 Hanging out with my bestest Katie!
7 Getting my toes painted pink and sparkly!
8 Getting to have Ben stay Sunday night as well.
9 Feeling baby boy move around.
10 Watching The Real Houswives of New Jersey. Yes I watch it and I love it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Maternity Pictures!!!

We are at that point where the belly is huge and in a matter of a couple weeks we could be parents!!! I am so excited. But sure anxious as well. Here all the pictures for all you lovely people out there!

This one is by far my favorite!! And honestly I am not sure why.

My friend and I are due a day apart! SO how cute is this?!?!

As you can tell we are very excited about this little guy!!!
My handsome husband has been my rock through all of this. He has put up with so many doctors visits, sick days, cravings, scares, bed rest, blood tests, and crazy mood swings. And through all of it he has been so supportive. He knows just how to make me laugh, and help get my mind off of everything. I know that he is going to be an amazing father. And I cant wait to see the look on his face and tears in his eyes when he gets to hold Hunter for the first time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just an update

SO much has happened since I last posted.

1 We moved to Modesto. Everything worked out amazingly! We got all of our stuff(minus the microwave) up there. And I stayed for a week. I love it up there already! We had some great helpers. So many of our friends made the drive to help us unpack. Which was greatly appreciated. We even had friends who stayed for 2 nights to help get everything put away. Which was great since I wasn't really allowed to do much.

2 I went to the hospital because I was having contractions. Thankfully they were able to stop them. I am dilated. So I was put on bed rest for a week. Told to drink lost of water and just relax. Which was kind of impossible because this was about 5 days before the move. I am still not suppose to be doing much, mainly just relaxing and letting this baby cook.

3 I am now down in Fresno again living with my parents. The arrangement is that Ben is in Modesto during the week. And that he is driving down on the weekends to be with me. This is the first week of the arrangement and I already hate it! Lets face it..I can no longer reach or even see my toes. It is now harder to put on pants. And I feel like I am smuggling a watermelon. All of these feelings make it hard to be away from the one person who can make all of these things seem so small.

Well I believe that is all that is new with us. Baby Boy is getting bigger by the day. He has started to do this thing where he will push his foot against my side and there is a nice big bulge. I just love all his little movements. I am very excited that in a few weeks I will get to watch him move around in my arms!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


SO we are moving to Modesto.....Saturday!

Which wouldn't be so scary if we had a couple weeks notice. Try about a week. I am not complaining because my husband is doing what he needs to do and I completely support him. 100%! NO ifs ands or buts about it!

So for those of who don't there is a Home Instead in Modesto that Ben's parents own. And Wednesday they were given news that one of their employees would be going a different way. Which meant that we needed to be up there sooner then later. Now I could have thrown a huge fit and said forget it. But in all of that where would the support for my Husband who has been kind enough to work so I can stay home with our baby. There is no need for tantrums..we are moving sooner then we thought. Which means that Ben will be in Modesto and I will be in Fresno. Living with my parents. I love my parents but that is gonna be hard for me since I have been living on my own for almost 2 years. But I will be heading up to Modesto after Hunter comes.

FUN! But really everything has worked out perfectly so I know this is what we need to do. We found an apartment in 1 day and the next day we had the holding deposit and application in. Its a great place with tons of the things we have wanted. Well things I have wanted like and open kitchen so if Hunter is in the living room I can see him. And 2 bathrooms! I am very excited about that. Plus all the apartments come with a stackable washer and dryer at no extra cost. So thats exciting.

All in all its been a busy week and its gonna stay busy till next Sunday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My favorite things...

So I was up late one night this week... ok lets be honest its like every night. I may go to bed around ten but by about 3 my body has decided it is done laying down. I blame it on the huge basketball in my midsection. But its my favorite! Anyways I was having a hard time sleeping and I came out and an old Oprah show was on. I love Oprah! ha there I admitted it! And of course it had some of her favorite things on it. So it made me start thinking what are some of my favorite things. Well they change a lot! But as of right now they include movie, tv, shows, people and food. My mind is completely obsessed with food!! So here we go these are my favorite things.

Dr phil is my favorite thing right now. I am actually watching it right now! He is just so honest and doesnt hide his feelings. He tells people how it is and most of the time I totally agree. It is my guilty pleasure. I admit it!

Ho Hos. Well make that anything hostess. I really like putting them in the freezer! Ah they are so stinking good! It makes me so happy and I actually have some in the freezer right now. This boy loves him some sugar I crave it more then anything else. I try fruit and then an hour later my mind goes to the freezer.

Baby Mama! Lately this movie does not get old for me. I watch it faithfully at least once a week. I love that movie and quote it all the time and laugh my booty off. Ben watched it for the first time last week with me and I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy for loving it so much! I sat there and quoted it the whole time.

Ben. He is such an amazing man. I love him so much. He is so good with all my cravings and so good to help me put on my shoes. And pick something up cause I cant bend over and reach it. And he is so cute when he whispers to my stomach and says this is a conversation between me and Hunter.

My swimming suit. Mainly because when its on it means I get to swimming. And when you are pregnant and it is in the triple digits outside the pool is the one thing that is going to make you comfortable. I have never really been one for a long swim. But the past couple of times I have gone swimming Ben has had to bribe me to get me out of the pool.

Disneyland. Come on now we all saw that coming. Disneyland is by far my favorite place on earth!! I am like a child when we go there. Complete with temper tantrums! And I am so excited that the next time we go our little boy will be with us!

Anything baby boy! Sometimes I just go sit in his room in the rocker and imagine what its gonna be like when he is here. I love holding the clothes we already have. It just makes me so happy and feel closer to him.

So there are my favorite things what are some of yours?

Monday, June 20, 2011


Its so hard to keep up with everything these days. I feel like I blink and a whole month is completely gone! I mean how did I get to this point...3 months left before little Hunter should be here. And I feel like in no way am I ready for that! We have a swing,1 pack of diapers, a crib and plenty of 0-3 months and 3 month clothes. So I mean we are on our way.

Glucose test is all done! Woot I mean it was an ordeal but ah! So we had an appointment to do it at 7:20. We got there like 20 minutes early because we werent exactly sure where the office was. Only come to find out its right across the hall from the WIC office I go to. So we get there and they give me the juice you are suppose to drink. And you have 5 minutes to drink it! Its not too bad at first I had the orange, they were all out of the lemon lime which was the one everyone kept telling me to get. The first couple drinks your like I dont understand why so many women complain. Then you get about half way and the sugar amount starts to make you so sick to your stomach. So I finish it, and they wouldnt let me drink water! I was so thirsty! Not to mention I had not eaten anything since the night before so I am so hungry! After the hour was up they took me back and did some blood work. SO glad its all over.

So I am always looking for new shoes to entertain myself. And netflix has such a variety. I recently started watching The Kennedy's. Its only a mini series. But very interesting. You really start to think about the way you look at people and how they really are. Highly recommended if you can handle political documentaries and if you dont get mad easily! I have found myself very angry at a couple of the things that are coming to light.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What do to when you dont feel your best!

Well that has been a common theme in our house lately. Ben just got over,well partially still has this really nasty cough, some type of chest cold. And now I feel horrible and have since Friday. I felt a lot better yesterday and then BAM... I woke up this morning feeling just as horrible as I did on Friday!

So today I am staying in bed. Only getting up when I have to. Because I lack and kind of strength or desire to move. And while Im in bed,drinking more fluids then I think my body can handle, I am going to watch Pride and Prejudice. A staple when I am sick. Always makes me feel better. And look up baby stuff of course. Catch up on some reading. Nap. And dream of going on vacation.

Thats what my thursday looks like. What about yours?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Its a BOY!!!

OK so here is the proof its a BOY!! The area is pointing to his man part.

That little fuzzy thing by his mouth is actually the cord.
He had the hiccups the entire time! It was so cute to see his little body jump. And to see the heartbeat. So excited to meet this little guy! We are all registered too. Target and Buy Buy Baby. If you havent been there you should!

Monday, April 18, 2011

This week is going to be a good one! We are going to be finding out what a dear little P is! I am so very excited!!! I am ready to know! Friday can not come soon enough!

Ben got home yesterday from convention and he loved it! Lots of very cool things. He couldn't stop talking about it! Im just glad he is home. 4 nights is way to long to sleep well. Its so hard to sleep when he isn't here!!

Well heres to hoping that this week will go by fast!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its that time everyone.....

Alright ladies and gentlemen its time to cast your votes for what you think we are having! We are super excited to know if we are having an adorable smiley little girl or a bouncing little boy! The date is set for April 22!! And we got the very first appointment of the day! Could not pass that up either!

So today my midwife told me I looked pregnant laying down. In my head I was like then I must look really pregnant when I stand up! But I'll let you guys decide that!

So we have two really cute names picked out so far. If its a boy it would be Hunter Wood. And if its a girl it would be Paisley June! How stinking cute!

Paisley Park   10-piece Crib Bedding Collection
Paisleys room would be decorated in paisleys of course! With lots of girlie touches! And bright pinks!

And for Hunter it would be like a Jungle/Safari room!

I think the ideas are super cute! But I do totally get that in the next couple of months those ideas and names could totally change!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

Lately it seems like they are everywhere! I swear women are either pregnant or just had a baby! Im told its because I am pregnant and just noticing. But really. I mean one of my sister in laws is pregnant and one of my dear friends is to. Our due dates are only 1 day apart.

Which leads me to the last news we got on our dear baby P. The due date seems to be a little off. It got changed to September 12th. Which gets me really confused because that is a whole month later then the last time I had the visitor. If thats all right I should have had the visitor in December but that didn't happen so...thats why I am confused. But either way it doesn't matter because I know this baby is going to come whenever it is good and ready! We should find out in the next couple weeks what we are having. And I am counting down the days!

We also got some news that in June we will be moving to Modesto. Ben will be the presence there in the office to make sure things run smoothly. So we have that to think about. I am nervous, excited, scared,happy and sad all at the same time. One plus is that we are only an hour and a half away from family on either side. Grandparents and aunt in Sac. And our family and friends in Fresno. Plus it will give us a chance to really depend on each other and become closer.

Things have been really hard the past couple months. But I know in my heart this is the Lords way of preparing us for what is to come!

OOOOO and my brother TIM got his mission call. He is going to Brazil!! And he leaves July 6th! We are all very excited!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things are changing for our family!!!!

We are so very excited.....for those who have not heard WE ARE PREGNANT! or really I am pregnant. You know I dont really understand that whole phrase because "WE'RE Pregnant" really says to be that both involved are going to have a child. And really thats not fair because the dad gets the joy of saying it without doing the hard part of carrying,delivering, and feeding the said child when it gets here. Dont get me wrong I am very happy that Ben and I are going to have a baby...I just dont get the saying.

So we had our first prenatal visit today with our wonderful midwife, yes midwife she is very amazing and I already feel like she cares more about me. Well I am about 8 weeks and 4 days along. Placing my due date at about August 20th. Which means yes I will be getting big during the summer. But thankfully there are 2 pools that are open to me at anytime!!! SO next visit we will be doing our first ultrasound. And next week I will be having my blood test done. Which in all honesty taking into consideration is the one part I am most nervous for. But I just keep telling myself its for the baby. Its for the baby.

Ben and I are so very excited and ready to make this HUGE CHANGE!!! We both feel very loved with all of our friends and family members who feel the same excitement we do!!!!