Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disneyland/California Adventure For CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Is there any better way to spend the weeks before christmas then at the happiest place on earth! We had a blast. We headed down with our friends Becky and Matt Florence!!! And we all fit so well. We were joined by our friends Kevin Healy and Scott Green. And we took advantage of the time being there.

In front of the big christmas tree. Its so pretty all lit up!

So the last night we there we wanted to see fantasmic! But things didn't work out how they were suppose to.....but we did great seats. Behind reserved ropes none the less. And as we were sitting there a sweet family asked if we wanted there dessert tray because they weren't eating it. So needless to say we got some pretty great seats and a dessert tray all because of some sweet talking.

Uva bar and grill!!! Steamed mussels so good!!!
Its A Small World After All......not when you get stuck in on spot!
I married such a goof! But a tall goof!!!

Max!!! " I don't think Max was smiling!" Silly Kevin
Tower of Terror!!! Oh no!!!!

We are goofs! But we are perfect for each other!

So we went on splash mountain. And I got soaked!! Moral of the story NEVER sit in the front and NEVER go on splash mountain in the winter!
Haunted mansion!!! My favorite ride!!! Especially when its decorated like "Tim Burtons 'Nightmare before Christmas'"

Peter Pan!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!

All in all we had an amazing trip! And I cant wait to go back again!!!

SO my new years resolution is too update my blog at least once a week! Now lets all hope I can do it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!! Here we come 2011......

Friday, June 18, 2010

I miss my wedding dress!!!

Here we are 8 months after we are married(I KNOW!!! Crazy)...and I really miss my dress. I mean I had it sitting in my room for nearly 6 months before I wore it and I would try it on again and again. Now it just sits there at my parents house. I just miss the excitement and the excuse to try it on. I have dress envy...not because of the other brides dresses but because I want an excuse to put my dress back on.I mean...
Button work down the back, which I think got Ben in a little bit of a panic. And beading on the bodice. It was the true image I had of my wedding dress from when I was little!!!
Plus it meant I was getting married to the best guy ever!!! I just miss it. Am I crazy? I do have a great idea for using it though. There was a lady in my chair one day and we started talking about how I was getting married. And she said " Its great, but the dress just sits there after the day. Thats the one thing I wanted to fix and I did." So of course I was very interested. After she got married on the 1 yr, 5yr, and until she fit into the dress she got into and took a picture of herself. Then when her daughters all turned 5 she put them in the dress and did it from 5,10,15,20 and took a picture of them in it. She would keep all of them and when they all got married she made a scrapbook of all the pictures. Beginning with the earliest and ending with a beautiful bridal shot in there dress. Now she is starting all over with her grandkids. Isnt that the cutest? And so creative. So thats exactly what im gonna do!!! So as the 1yr closes in I will be getting my dress and my camera ready!

Cause after all it really is an amazing dress!!! With an amazing story and a amazing future!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry yall I am so bad at this whole updating thing. So lately we have been busy busy. Me with cleaning little kids teeth all day and Ben hard at work with Home Instead. And I am so glad that we are past his last trip to Nebraska for work. So weird to be in different time zones. Anyways we have lots coming up..
Our very good friends are getting married soon. And this means BACHELORETTE PARTY TIME! Which I am throwing this Friday. A pleasure party. So let me know if you want to order something it help the Bride!!!!
Plus I finally got health insurance. For those of you who didn't hear the story here it is. So I found a great plan and I applied. But due to the fact that I was completely honest on my application I had to go threw a headache of paper work and going to get medical records. It would have been easier if I hadn't told the truth but Choosing the Right isn't always easy right? Well i got the email I have been waiting for...for like 3 weeks straight! I got approved! My effective date is tomorrow!! Meaning I get to go to the doctor!!! Let me tell you I missed that one simple thing!

I hope all of you moms out there have a great mothers day and get the best presents ever!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OK it took me a while to get these pictures up but here they are. This was my project for about a 1 week and a half. At times very stressful at times very relaxing.
This is the table before we did anything to it.
The very old fashion chair.
And the nasty spray on grain that i am told used to be very popular.

Our cute puppy Chloe enjoying all of the fun.
The amazing husband who looked over fabric samples and paint choices till he was so ready to never ever paint again.

And the finished chair next to the old one.WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

And the finished table complete with green and brown paisley print.

Not bad for my first DIY project. RIGHT???

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ok so i know i am very bad at this...but i am going to try my hardest.

And i have a new project. We recently got a new kitchen table from my grandparents. And i decided to paint the table and chairs and recover the seats with a new fabric. So far i have one chair done and one leaf of the table done. But my goal is to have it done by the time we have people over for Bens birthday day. Meaning i have a little over a week. We will see what happens but that is my goal. Well pictures are already in the process and they will be posted to show my sister-in-laws that i can be just as creative and crafty as them!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So we have a new member in our family...we got a puppy. Her name is Chloe. And she is the cutest little thing. We believe she is a terrier pom/Chihuahua. We have had a very big adventure with her so far. Like the other day I came home to bloody paws and tears. Not exactly what i was expecting. After a very expensive vet visit we ended up with a handful of meds. Trial and error.

Its been a very stressful week full of disappointment and heartache. But everything happens for a reason and I know there is a blessing hanging around here someone.