Friday, June 24, 2011

My favorite things...

So I was up late one night this week... ok lets be honest its like every night. I may go to bed around ten but by about 3 my body has decided it is done laying down. I blame it on the huge basketball in my midsection. But its my favorite! Anyways I was having a hard time sleeping and I came out and an old Oprah show was on. I love Oprah! ha there I admitted it! And of course it had some of her favorite things on it. So it made me start thinking what are some of my favorite things. Well they change a lot! But as of right now they include movie, tv, shows, people and food. My mind is completely obsessed with food!! So here we go these are my favorite things.

Dr phil is my favorite thing right now. I am actually watching it right now! He is just so honest and doesnt hide his feelings. He tells people how it is and most of the time I totally agree. It is my guilty pleasure. I admit it!

Ho Hos. Well make that anything hostess. I really like putting them in the freezer! Ah they are so stinking good! It makes me so happy and I actually have some in the freezer right now. This boy loves him some sugar I crave it more then anything else. I try fruit and then an hour later my mind goes to the freezer.

Baby Mama! Lately this movie does not get old for me. I watch it faithfully at least once a week. I love that movie and quote it all the time and laugh my booty off. Ben watched it for the first time last week with me and I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy for loving it so much! I sat there and quoted it the whole time.

Ben. He is such an amazing man. I love him so much. He is so good with all my cravings and so good to help me put on my shoes. And pick something up cause I cant bend over and reach it. And he is so cute when he whispers to my stomach and says this is a conversation between me and Hunter.

My swimming suit. Mainly because when its on it means I get to swimming. And when you are pregnant and it is in the triple digits outside the pool is the one thing that is going to make you comfortable. I have never really been one for a long swim. But the past couple of times I have gone swimming Ben has had to bribe me to get me out of the pool.

Disneyland. Come on now we all saw that coming. Disneyland is by far my favorite place on earth!! I am like a child when we go there. Complete with temper tantrums! And I am so excited that the next time we go our little boy will be with us!

Anything baby boy! Sometimes I just go sit in his room in the rocker and imagine what its gonna be like when he is here. I love holding the clothes we already have. It just makes me so happy and feel closer to him.

So there are my favorite things what are some of yours?

Monday, June 20, 2011


Its so hard to keep up with everything these days. I feel like I blink and a whole month is completely gone! I mean how did I get to this point...3 months left before little Hunter should be here. And I feel like in no way am I ready for that! We have a swing,1 pack of diapers, a crib and plenty of 0-3 months and 3 month clothes. So I mean we are on our way.

Glucose test is all done! Woot I mean it was an ordeal but ah! So we had an appointment to do it at 7:20. We got there like 20 minutes early because we werent exactly sure where the office was. Only come to find out its right across the hall from the WIC office I go to. So we get there and they give me the juice you are suppose to drink. And you have 5 minutes to drink it! Its not too bad at first I had the orange, they were all out of the lemon lime which was the one everyone kept telling me to get. The first couple drinks your like I dont understand why so many women complain. Then you get about half way and the sugar amount starts to make you so sick to your stomach. So I finish it, and they wouldnt let me drink water! I was so thirsty! Not to mention I had not eaten anything since the night before so I am so hungry! After the hour was up they took me back and did some blood work. SO glad its all over.

So I am always looking for new shoes to entertain myself. And netflix has such a variety. I recently started watching The Kennedy's. Its only a mini series. But very interesting. You really start to think about the way you look at people and how they really are. Highly recommended if you can handle political documentaries and if you dont get mad easily! I have found myself very angry at a couple of the things that are coming to light.