Thursday, November 5, 2009

A lot has changed

The past few months flew by and now its time to reflect....this is for you Brittany. So in the short but long waiting period called the engagement many things changed and went wrong but one thing stayed the same...US!!!!

We went from:

Dating for 1

Being engaged for 6

Being sealed for time and all eternity.

With many friends and family members along the way supporting and helping out in every way possible. It turned out to be better then ever imagined. And was completely stress free...well at least on my side.

Other changes:
I passed my RDA test.
And cooked my first ever meal.(Which turned out great.)
Also made cookies that got rave reviews wherever they were taken.
And found out some very vital information that was a complete and total answer to my prayers as well as Ben's.

Next up the change from blonde to brown.


  1. love it jessica... Can't wait to keep up with you and see pictures. Love you lots!!

  2. I love that you AND Ben use the pic I took. Dang I'm good. That there captures the real Benjamin (and his friends).

  3. i love that you have a blog! congratulations on all the fun things going on right now! i cant believe youre married!