Friday, June 18, 2010

I miss my wedding dress!!!

Here we are 8 months after we are married(I KNOW!!! Crazy)...and I really miss my dress. I mean I had it sitting in my room for nearly 6 months before I wore it and I would try it on again and again. Now it just sits there at my parents house. I just miss the excitement and the excuse to try it on. I have dress envy...not because of the other brides dresses but because I want an excuse to put my dress back on.I mean...
Button work down the back, which I think got Ben in a little bit of a panic. And beading on the bodice. It was the true image I had of my wedding dress from when I was little!!!
Plus it meant I was getting married to the best guy ever!!! I just miss it. Am I crazy? I do have a great idea for using it though. There was a lady in my chair one day and we started talking about how I was getting married. And she said " Its great, but the dress just sits there after the day. Thats the one thing I wanted to fix and I did." So of course I was very interested. After she got married on the 1 yr, 5yr, and until she fit into the dress she got into and took a picture of herself. Then when her daughters all turned 5 she put them in the dress and did it from 5,10,15,20 and took a picture of them in it. She would keep all of them and when they all got married she made a scrapbook of all the pictures. Beginning with the earliest and ending with a beautiful bridal shot in there dress. Now she is starting all over with her grandkids. Isnt that the cutest? And so creative. So thats exactly what im gonna do!!! So as the 1yr closes in I will be getting my dress and my camera ready!

Cause after all it really is an amazing dress!!! With an amazing story and a amazing future!

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