Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its that time everyone.....

Alright ladies and gentlemen its time to cast your votes for what you think we are having! We are super excited to know if we are having an adorable smiley little girl or a bouncing little boy! The date is set for April 22!! And we got the very first appointment of the day! Could not pass that up either!

So today my midwife told me I looked pregnant laying down. In my head I was like then I must look really pregnant when I stand up! But I'll let you guys decide that!

So we have two really cute names picked out so far. If its a boy it would be Hunter Wood. And if its a girl it would be Paisley June! How stinking cute!

Paisley Park   10-piece Crib Bedding Collection
Paisleys room would be decorated in paisleys of course! With lots of girlie touches! And bright pinks!

And for Hunter it would be like a Jungle/Safari room!

I think the ideas are super cute! But I do totally get that in the next couple of months those ideas and names could totally change!

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