Sunday, July 10, 2011


SO we are moving to Modesto.....Saturday!

Which wouldn't be so scary if we had a couple weeks notice. Try about a week. I am not complaining because my husband is doing what he needs to do and I completely support him. 100%! NO ifs ands or buts about it!

So for those of who don't there is a Home Instead in Modesto that Ben's parents own. And Wednesday they were given news that one of their employees would be going a different way. Which meant that we needed to be up there sooner then later. Now I could have thrown a huge fit and said forget it. But in all of that where would the support for my Husband who has been kind enough to work so I can stay home with our baby. There is no need for tantrums..we are moving sooner then we thought. Which means that Ben will be in Modesto and I will be in Fresno. Living with my parents. I love my parents but that is gonna be hard for me since I have been living on my own for almost 2 years. But I will be heading up to Modesto after Hunter comes.

FUN! But really everything has worked out perfectly so I know this is what we need to do. We found an apartment in 1 day and the next day we had the holding deposit and application in. Its a great place with tons of the things we have wanted. Well things I have wanted like and open kitchen so if Hunter is in the living room I can see him. And 2 bathrooms! I am very excited about that. Plus all the apartments come with a stackable washer and dryer at no extra cost. So thats exciting.

All in all its been a busy week and its gonna stay busy till next Sunday!

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