Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh my heavens!!!

Its been over a month! Man time sure does fly! I will be better imaginary friends!!! I promise!

We had a great christmas.(I'll post pictures later this week when I am home)
Baby boy got completely spoiled! But thats what grandparents are for!

Ten things that made me happy this week:

1 Going on a date this weekend
2 Baby boy "helping" open his presents
3 Skyping with my brother on a mission.
4 Getting lots of food to stock our shelves with! (my new favorite tradition at christmas)
5 Ben being able to give Monkey a blessing.
6 Being with my family
7 Seeing Jesus and Jenny
8 Finding out I will have another cousin!
9 Getting a ham from HISC.
10 Having a extra snuggly monkey!

Well I am off to dream of being with Ben! Goodnight all! Hope you all had a great holiday!

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