Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Phillips Family Update

We are currently back in Fresno. Loving being close to all of our family again. It seems like Monkey keeps on getting so big. So here we go:

Ben is currently working and taking a night class. He just got called to be a ward missionary. So he loves that he gets to teach and go out.

I stay at home with monkey. We watch a lot of Disney channel. And I love it! I watch my cousin 4 days a week. So monkey has a friend! I currently am serving as the 2nd counselor in the young women's! So fun! And I love being able to enjoy the new teaching program.

Monkey is walking talking and stealing grandmas diet coke! Lots of cute pictures. He loves jake and the Neverland pirates, Mickey Mouse club house, yo Gabba Gabba. He actually gets to go see yo Gabba Gabba live in march! Soooo fun! He is currently exactly a month away from being in nursery but for the past couple weeks we have been taking him in. Loves cars, the Disney ones, and bath time. Especially his new bath crayons!

That's about it!

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