Monday, September 15, 2014

Little mans 3rd birthday!

A few weeks ago my sweet boy turned 3. So of course it was time for a party. He has been very into Legos. Especially since the Lego movie came out. So we decided on a Lego party. We ran into one slight problem. Even with the huge success of the Lego movie there were no decorations to be found anywhere. So that meant in order to give my LM a Lego party I had to make all of the decorations. Now being almost 34 weeks pregnant I knew I was going not going to be able to do a lot. So we ordered an amazing cake from For Goodness Cakes. Find her on Facebook the cake turned out amazingly. 

Seriously so cute. It was delicious. Plus we had just enough for everyone with just a few extra pieces. 

I made these adorable bean bags. I grabbed 3 pieces of felt in each of the colors. I cut the felt in half width wise. Then I cut those pieces in half. I was able to get 4 bags out of 2 pieces of felt. The 3rd piece I used for the circles. I hot glued the circles on. Then grabbed my sewing machine and stitched up 3 of the sides. Stuffed them with beans and then sewed up the finally size. They were so easy. Then we took boxes and cut holes and covered them in tissue paper. LM had fun throwing the bags in. 

For the food we did and create your own sandwich station. I used the big blocks to make holders for the plates,napkins, and cups. Then we used one of the boxes for the bean bag game to hold cups full of the silver ware. It was such a fun touch.

I made this adorable banner. I used construction paper and a circle punch. I again just cut the paper in half width wise. LM helped me punch out all the circles. I used foam tape to kind of help the circles pop of the paper. It was so fun to do this with my LM.

Finally getting to sing to him. He thought his cake was amazing. He was ready to eat it before the party started. 

I love you my LM. It has been amazing to watch you grow. I can't not wait to see you become a brother in just a matter of weeks. You will always be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Be the best mommy you can be.

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  1. Post the pictures and how to's on Pinterest!! Could help another Mommy trying to do a Lego party!!
    Also, Your blog is amazing! Mine looks like a 3 year old did it! Tips, please!!!!