Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ten things that made me happy this week

1 Getting to go for 2 nice walks with my hubbs!
2 Getting to go on a girly date with my bestest.
3 Going to Charming Charlie.
4 Ordering baby boys vinyl for his room.( Mama called the doctor and the doctor said.... No more Hunter's jumping on the bed) How cute!
5 Feeling the loving support of my hubbs.
6 Setting baby boys last picture as my backround.
7 watching a million episodes of Mystery Diagnosis! Love!
8 Getting a cherry limeaid from Sonic.
9 Getting to hear baby boy's heart beat! And that he is going to be a big healthy boy.
10 Practicing lullaby's I am going to sing to baby boy.

SO this week as I am sure most of know I found out baby boy is way to big for me to give birth to naturally. SO I will be having a c section in like 2 weeks. I will know the exact date and time on Friday or by Friday. And these past 2 days have been very hard. It is very sad to me that so many people had such negative things to say about me having a c section. This was in no way was an easy decision for me to make. I was crushed knowing that I could not do what my body was meant to do. But the spirit was with me at that appointment and helped me feel peace. And to know that I need to trust in what my doctor was telling me. This is in NO way how I planned on bringing my baby into the world. I have been mentally and emotional trying to prepare myself from the moment I found I was pregnant for giving birth naturally. But the spirit over and over reminds me that I am doing what is best for the health of me and baby boy. This is the safest route in my position. And really I have the support of my Hubbs and my parents and those who really care. It proves to me those who care based on the reactions I got. And all I have to say is if you have nothing supportive to say please keep your comments to yourself. I know my recovery will be hard, but I know the Lord is watching over me. I know it everytime I feel baby boy kick. Everytime I think of the next few weeks the spirit brings such peace rushing in. I know I could not be as ok as I am right now without my Heavenly Father.


  1. I am appalled that anyone would say anything negative to you about having a c section. That baby boy is lucky to have a mama like you who is willing to put aside her original plans so that he can arrive safely into this world. I didn't have a c section and was still a little sore 6 weeks later, while my girlfriend who had a c section was healed up in a couple weeks and couldn't stop talking about how nice it was! My fingers are crossed that everything goes that well for you :)

  2. You're amazing :) Even though we're not in the same boat, delivery wise, (we could be? who knows!) I hear ya. These last few weeks have been SO rough, and it's like whether some people have experienced being pregnant or not, they don't seem to realize how tough it is for us. :/ Matt has to keep reminding me that I am a daughter of God, and I'm fulfilling one of my most important duties here on Earth: being a mother. What isn't more beautiful and glorious than that? No matter how we bring our babies into the world, the one thing we need to make sure is that our baby is healthy and safe. You're doing what you're supposed too, I know it :) Take Luck!

  3. Some people are just so set about having children naturally, that they see c sections as a failure. Some babies are just not meant to be born naturally, that is why there is c sections. The people who are anti c sections would quickly change their position if it came down to life or death to deliver their child. Do not let anyone get you down! You have that baby the way the dr wants you to have him! Heavenly Father gave you a big baby because he knows you have the right doctors and that you can take care of him. Pooey on the anti booty heads!

  4. I've done both, and thank goodness my biggest one was "cut out" - I wouldn't wanna be pushing out that 9 1/2 pounds! Here's my two cents: either way it hurts. The end.

    P.S Enjoy your last bit of time as a couple :)

  5. my mom had to have a c section so my little sister wouldn't die. my friend had to have three c sections because she would have died giving natural birth. people are stupid. don't forget it. you do what's best for you and your baby, as long as you, your hubby, and the lord are happy that's all that really matters :)