Thursday, February 28, 2013

First haircut/first slide

So about a week ago we got monkeys hair cut and it looks adorable. We so should have done it sooner but I was all noo he will look so big if I cut it! Seriously Ben had to talk me into it. Lol but now I love it. I must say though it is kinda head styling a little mans hair. He loves to have gel but as soon as I start putting it in his hair and styling it he runs away like its a game. So cute but hard to grab him when you have goo all over your hands. He also got a new slide from grandma and grandpa. He loves it and has fully mastered climbing up the steps all by himself. Loves throwing his toys down it! He has tried just about every one he could.

Ben and I are doing good. I am so in love with being in young women's. I love everything about it. I love the new lesson program. Totally inspired and so amazing! Ben is still working and going to school!

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