Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things that make me happy.

There are few things that make me so happy that I just have to share. Of course my little man is at the top of the list. Right along with my husband. But lately I have been in a funk. I love my time with my little man and hubby. But at nap time I feel so lazy, and unimportant. So I am going to get back into my blog. That way I can let out how I am feeling and share some tips that have helped me as a mommy. Plus, there are tons of blogs out there for fashion. But sometimes I feel that as a stay at home mom I can never look like that. Because let's face it. No way can you be in heels and a skirt all day long, especially when you are chasing after a toddler. Sure I have my days where I want to look like a hot mom. But those are few and far between. Sometimes I want something that is comfy and cute, but looks like I actually care. Believe me when I say my wardrobe is based on comfort. I do not buy something I would not feel comfortable enough to take a nap in. Silly right but to me that is a great motto to live by. I also have a ton of neutrals. Because I look for things that I can wear year round. Of course every new season I buy something specific in color to that season. But I own way more black, grey, white and cream than anything else. I am ok with that.

Mommy fashion to me is about the ability to look put together with simple pieces that can be reused over and over. Also, like I said earlier to be able to run after a child. So I am going to post some of my ideas.  Let me say, this is just for me to feel like I am contributing in some way in empowering all mommy's out there. I am in no way trained. These are just my ideas and outfits I love to wear. Every mommy has their own style. Do not ever feel bad for wearing more sweats then jeans. Or oversized t shirts. You are beautiful! You are the best mommy you can be. Cherish that child you love so much.

My 5 tips for mommy fashion:
1) Make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Do NOT wear something because it is the style that is popular. You need to feel comfortable and feel like you look amazing. Don't try and blend in with the crowd.
2) Before you buy have a plan for how you will wear it. When I first started looking for "My Style" I would buy so many things wear them once and then never again. That wastes so much money! Really it does! So now when I am shopping I try and think of 5 different ways that I could wear that piece. That way I already have a plan on how I want to wear it. 
3) Accessories are your friend. As some of you know I sell Color By Amber jewelry. I absolutely love it. It is lightweight and kid friendly. It is amazing to me how an outfit can go from dull to polished just by adding earrings or a necklace. Or for that matter how quickly adding jewelry can change your mood. You instantly feel beautiful. At least for me. Plus belts instantly make your silhoutte more pronounced. 
4) Don't forget about the shoes. Ever put an outfit together and feel like it is perfect then you look down only to realize the shoes let it down? Well I have. I don't own a lot of shoes and don't really like spending a lot of money on shoes, but I do have a good selection. From heels to flats, you want to have a couple of pairs that you love and that look good. Plus don't be afraid to add color in with your shoes. I recently bought a pair of neon t strap flats, that are studded. At first I thought I would never wear these. But they have quickly become my favs. I can wear my neutrals and add color with the shoes. It makes my outfit look much more put together.
5) There will be days you don't like the way you look in anything but sweats. Believe me when I tell you how true this is. Whether you are sick, you had a rough night, or you just want to quickly get your errands done. There will be days where you could care less about how you look. IT IS OK! Never feel embarrassed to leave the house in sweats. Even the most fashionable of moms have these days. Own it and hold your head high! 

I hope this helps just one person feel better about themselves. We as mommy's have to stick together. Not tear each other down. 

Be on the look out for lots of fun "mommy fashion". This is something I am truly passionate about. I hope it shows and I hope it is useful. 

Be the best mommy you can be.

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