Monday, June 2, 2014

It's a boy!

When we went in to find out what gender little man was, we brought my mom along. We were all so excited in the room. Especially my mom, she was so excited to be a part of it. To see her grandson on the ultrasound she was oozing with pride. It was a great moment. This time around we wanted it to be just our small family. But it was the day before my moms birthday so we had a great idea for a reveal. After I little man I knew the next time around I wanted to do a fun reveal. We had lots of ideas. Fun cake reveals, a reveal party, a reveal photoshoot and a fun gift opening. So since it was the day before my moms birthday we wrapped an outfit. My family had no idea we were going in that day. They knew it was going to be soon but we completely surprised them all. 

I started out by making a birthday card for my mom.

Then we went to the appointment and found out. After I went to target and picked out an outfit to wrap.

Then later that night we went to my parents and gave the gift to my mom. Thankfully all my family was there. Then of course we called all the grandparents, and great grandparents. Of course they were all excited.

I can honestly say I am so excited to have two boys. I am most excited to see little man have a brother. It has been so adorable to see him getting excited for baby brother. He has helped pick out outfits. We have talked about how we will get to snuggle him in a couple months.  How soon he will have a brother to play cars and trains with. He is getting more and more excited and loves to talk to my tummy. It is so adorable.

When we went for this ultrasound I totally thought it was a girl. But the second she put the wand on my stomach and saw that it was no girl. The tech was like "oh that's not the cord.". I am so excited. I have done the baby boy thing. We have all the clothes we could need, except for a couple things. But we are a lot more prepared then if it was a girl. I can not wait to snuggle this cute little boy. 

Also, can I just say feeling him move is weird. It's been 2 1/2 years since I was pregnant. It is crazy. Sometimes it catches me off guard. But I love it. It's just weird. 

Remember having a baby is amazing. It is also stressful. Always do what you feel comfortable with. Always. You don't ever want to regret not doing something or doing something. 

Be the best mommy you can be.

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