Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disneyland wrap up

So about a week ago we were in Disneyland. Little man had an absolute blast. He loved every minute. I think I have created a monster. Because in all honestly he would much rather be in Disneyland over any other place he could be. This was our last trip with our annual passes before they expired. Also, our last trip for a while.  So we made sure little man had as much fun as possible. Now I will say having been to Disneyland a million times, ok maybe not a million, but quite a few times I have many different tricks we use. This time being pregnant was so much different. You get tired a lot faster. I sat a lot. Also, you can basically only go on kids rides. Which honestly I was ok with. Because that meant I got to enjoy more time with little man. So as I do a wrap of this trip I am going to throw in a couple little tricks we have always used. 

So fun little tid bit, if you have the Disney rewards visa debit card or credit card there is a picture experience just for you. It is in California adventure. Over by the monsters inc ride. Here you get to take a picture with a character. You also walk away with a free 5x7 of the experience. You can go as many times as you like. They usually have 2 characters that rotate every 30 minutes. It goes from 10:30-1:30.  While we were there it was Minnie and Stich. You can have as many people as you want in the photo. A great free keepsake. I love free.

The train is not only a great way to get around but, it is also a fun ride. It is sure to make any boy happy as you can see from little mans face.
Naptime can be handled one of two ways. Leave and go back to the hotel. Or do what we do. I brought a very lightweight sheet, and our stroller that reclines. When it came time for nap I found a spot I could sit with him. He had been up since 7 so it wasn't much of a fight. Drap the sheet over the stroller and it is now dark enough to keep him asleep.
Mickey and the magical map show. Very worth it.
Also worth it the look on his face when he got what he wanted. 

Buzz light year, he loved it. I loved the snuggles. 
The family couldn't have done it without them helping in carrying and pushing the stroller. 

A happy boy in cars land. 


1) Food/snacks. We always pack a ton of snacks. From granola bars, trail mix, fruit snacks, even candy. That way we always have something to hold us over. Food can be pretty expensive so this can help cut down on the price. Because you are always hungry from all the walking and waiting. Snacks are especially helpful if you have a small child. Little man last time we went was so worried about missing out on something that snacks were really the only way he ate. Also, you can and should pack a lunch. I like I said food is expensive. This time we packed pb&js, chips and applesauce. A lot cheaper than 40 bucks for a family of 3 for lunch. Disneyland does not have a problem with you bringing in food. So do it. Even packing just one meal will help save money.

2) Water. You have a couple of options. You can bring your own. You can bring a reusable water bottle they have tons of water fountains. You can also get a free cup of ice water from any restaurant. This is what got me through this time with being pregnant. Whenever we ate even if we got a soda or juice I still asked for a cup of water. The ones they give you are small 8oz ones but you can ask them to give you a bigger one without any trouble. Use this. Because one water bottle from them runs about 3.00. 

3) Get there early. The park when it first opens is pretty slow. Unless of course it is the summer. Usually though by 10 it's start to fill up. By noon it is usually about as busy as it is going to get. So if you have something you are dying to do get there early. 

4) Shows are the way to go. Disneyland is amazing with their parades and shows there is always something to watch. We always show up at least 45 minutes early. For parades about an hour. For fantasmic 2-3 hours. Anything you will be sitting for you should plan on getting there early. It was interesting to see just how quickly the sitting for fantasmic filled up. By about 7:30 there were no sitting spots left. That show doesn't start until 9. So you can see you want to get there early. 

5) Parade and show times are the best time for rides. If you didn't get to the park early these times will be the best time to ride things. Fantasmic, any parade and the fireworks draw big crowds. Meaning the wait times go way down. Do plan on having a hard time getting to the area but once there your wait will be a lot shorter.

We had a blast. It is so important to have good memories. This is a great memory for all of us. Remember to have fun and don't stress. 

Be the best mommy you can be.

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