Monday, February 17, 2014

Take time for yourself.

I absolutely love being a mommy. I have absolutely no complaints. I truly believe my true calling is to be a mom. But with that said one thing I hold very true is the importance of mommy time. By that I mean that it is so important to do things for yourself. To take time for yourself and take care of yourself. 

I love yoga. That is definitely one of my mommy time favorites. But I wanted to do something where I would feel truly accomplished. For about a year now I have really wanted to do a 5k. But I never really looked into it. Well one of the ladies in my ward signed up for the Run or Dye 5k and I was so interested. They throw dye on you 5 separate times during the run. It was seriously so fun. I trained for about 2 weeks, I got sick 1 week before. It's amazing how much being active helps you feel so good about yourself. 

Do you have a mommy time favorite? I want to hear it! I always love hearing what others mommies do for themselves. It could be as simple as a long bath. Or hiding in the closet eating a candy bar. Admit it we have all done it. No Shame! 

Before the run. We look so clean!

After crossing the finish line. I absolutely loved the feeling I got when I ran across the finish line. It was even better to run up to my little man and get some love afterwards! 

Coloring the sky.

So after the run they had music playing and we went and danced and sang along. This is where I got really colored. Even 15 mins they would have everyone in the group throw the dye up in the air. It was amazing. I loved how colorful I got! Plus I absolutely loved that my shirt still has the purple hue to it! 

Honestly I can't even tell you how much I believe in mommy time. If you don't do it you should. It's amazing how often we forget to take time for ourselves. We usually are so focused on taking care of our families. When my son was a newborn I usually wouldn't shower till my husband got him from work. I didn't want to not be there when my little man needed me. As he got older I started to realize I was neglecting myself. So I started to look for ways to take better care of myself. I would use nap time as me time. Instead of snuggling and taking a nap myself. I didn't do this every time he took a nap but at least once a day I would have me time. 

You are the best mommy. Just make sure you are the best you as well.

Be the best mommy you can be.


  1. I go to the gym to train for 5Ks and try to do decent craft projects in my little space. With 7 kids there is always someone to help with the kids to let me have some mommy time!

    1. That is an awesome list! So awesome that you are able to have mommy time.